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Divorce leaves 8 Christmases and 7 Thanksgivings to share

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“What our relationship would have become if things had worked out, or if the divorce had come later, I can never know.” Christopher Fleming writes. “But what I do know is that each breath shared with Jacob is a chance to get better together.”

All we had to do was edit this source’s story

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Leatrice Fullerton sent in her story via PIN. After speaking with her, Michigan Radio PIN journalist Sarah Alvarez knew she would be a great candidate for testing out something new: having sources voice and record their own stories. She told an amazing story of what it takes to raise successful kids on a very limited income and with other challenges as well. More at

“The cream-cheese puri suhoor Ramadan” (with recipe)

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Amy Hossain's cream-cheese puri

Muslim parents have to get creative during Ramadan to nourish their kids for a long summer day of fasting. This year, Amy Hossain combined cultural and culinary traditions to create a calorie-rich dish that’s a hit with her young daughters.

Are your parents — or kids — on Facebook?

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With more than 900 million active users on Facebook, it’s becoming an unavoidable truth that our parents, aunts and uncles, and even grandparents are creeping into the realm of social networking. Have yours?