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“It hurts”: Living with the R-word

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Catherine McDonnell-Forney and her brother. "This is me and my brother. I took this picture when we were waiting in line to go see the Hobbit. My brother is an active member is our community. He is just as deserving of respect as I am or anyone else, regardless of his disability."

Most of us have heard the word “retarded” used in a derogatory way. A recent campaign by Special Olympics to “spread the word to end the word” has asked people to stop using the word altogether. What’s your experience with the word?

The R-word: Ban it or understand it?

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What is your experience with this word or other similar words? Should “retarded” become socially unacceptable or just be better understood? What is your reaction when you hear the word? And how hard or easy is it to really change the way people talk about something?