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‘Moral injury’ gaining traction, but still controversial

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One betrays his or her sense of what’s right, under orders, in a high-stakes situation. By the mid-1990s, psychologist Jonathan Shay called the condition that results “moral injury.” The idea is gaining traction among researchers, veterans and the military — but not everyone is embracing the idea.

Tyler Boudreau: One Marine’s struggle to define moral injury

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Photo courtesy of Tyler Bondreau

There’s growing interest in a condition known as moral injury — or, wounds to a veteran’s spirit or soul from events that “transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.” The concept has helped one Marine better understand what years of PTSD treatment never fully addressed.

Stumbling into a career in military social work

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Eugenia Weiss, USC School of Social Work

When Eugenia Weiss started a career in social work, no one was talking about the needs of combat veterans or military families. She says her colleagues in the field have only recently recognized the unique needs and challenges of that fast-growing population.

Teaching civilians to care for those who served

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Literature for soldiers attend PTSD screening

Hiring enough mental health staff to serve service members is only so helpful if they don’t understand military culture. A unique program at USC is training a new generation of social workers in the specific health issues facing returning servicemen and services and the ins and outs of military rank, jargon and lifestyle.