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How to plan for the future with your aging loved one

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Denver registered nurse Susan Eager checks the strength of a patient's grip during a home visit in 2009. Full-time caregiving -- often from relatives -- with help from elder services and home-health aides, helps millions of older adults stay at home despite chronic illness. (Photo by John Moore | Getty Images)

It’s one of the hardest conversations people ever have with a family member. And the temptation to put it off often makes it all the more difficult, says Nancy Fiedelman, who has dedicated her career to helping families get those conversations right.

Minn. parents and teachers reflect on Newtown, talking with kids

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MPR News reached out to parents and to teachers in the Public Insight Network to find out how the Newtown, CT school shooting has affected how they interact with kids at home and in the classroom. Reporter Elizabeth Dunbar curated their responses, which reveal resilience, respect, and both children and adults grappling with events beyond comprehension. Read the reflections from parents and teachers at

Divorce leaves 8 Christmases and 7 Thanksgivings to share

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“What our relationship would have become if things had worked out, or if the divorce had come later, I can never know.” Christopher Fleming writes. “But what I do know is that each breath shared with Jacob is a chance to get better together.”

Video: Love across the divide

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Maren and Scott Christenson

Maren and Scott Christenson discussed tax policy on their first date. They didn’t agree. They still don’t — on that issue and so many others. How do they make it work?

Let the kids play? Parents, sports and head injury

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Shawn McCarty played lacrosse in North Canton, Ohio, until a concussion this spring kept him on the sidelines for the remainder of the season. His father, TIM McCARTY, says, "My wife and I know what's coming; that we're going to be advised to have him stop. But he loves the game and he loves the guys and being on the team, so it's not going to be easy trying to convince a 16-year-old to think about when he's 50. His future is in our hands." (Photo shared by Tim McCarty)

Parents are making some tough choices about whether to let their kids participate in sports. And there are no set rules about how young is too young to play contact sports, what kind of game play is too dangerous, or how many concussions are too many.