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PIN Camp 2013 Hackathon

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Heading to PINCamp this June? Come a day early to hack the day away and develop a PIN tool of your own.

WTUL’s ‘Deep Dialogue’ series asks: Where are you from?

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Featured speakers Ben Mintz, Derwin Wilright Jr., and Shana griffin.

Where are you from, originally? This simple question was the topic of a discussion at Community Book Center in New Orleans in April, and prompted a sweeping conversation about race, class, displacement, and what it means to be from a rapidly changing city with deep roots.

A detailed guide to PINCamp 2013

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During a PINCamp workshop, journalists discuss many topics, including how to use the PIN effectively, collaboration between newsrooms and

Do you know that nearly 40 people from 27 radio, television, online, and print news organizations? If the company you will keep doesn’t get you excited, maybe the discussions at PINCamp will. Here is a detailed guide to PINCamp 2013.

PINcast Episode 12: A loaded issue at New Hampshire Public Radio

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In late February, New Hampshire Public Radio ran a weeklong series called “A Loaded Issue: Guns in New Hampshire,” which focused on the role of guns in New Hampshire life. We talk to Brady Carlson, NHPR’s public insight analyst and host of the station’s “All Things Considered.”

Announcing Public Insight Network engagement funding recipients

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Click here for the full map with more information about each funding recipient.

The Public Insight Network is pleased to announce that we will be funding community engagement efforts in 18 public media newsrooms. The funding is intended to help stations generate content, organize events and meet the information needs of their communities through engagement.