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What are your hopes for the new pope?

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Newly elected Pope Francis I waves to the waiting crowd from the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica on March 13, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images)

After two days of conclave, Catholic cardinals chose a new pope Wednesday. Pope Francis I has a list of “firsts” attached to his election, and we want to know what people are hoping for with the new appointment.

Still struggling: Cheyenne Bishop reflects on her vote

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Cheyenne Bishop stood outside her dorm in 2010 holding a question mark, representing her undecided views on the Minnesota marriage amendment.

A year ago, as she worked through how she’d vote on Election Day, Cheyenne Bishop felt as though she was being pulled between her beliefs (she’s Mormon) and wanting a cousin, who identifies as bisexual, to be able to have the same rights as others who wish to marry.

Voters’ voices: Keeping a divided congregation together

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Bonnie Wilcox, senior pastor of Gustavus Adolphus Luteran Church in St. Paul, MN, is trying to keep her congregation united in this election season even though her congregants fall on many sides of the political spectrum.

Rev. Bonnie Wilcox, like so many clergy around the country, knows her congregation is politically divided. She walks a delicate line between offering pastoral guidance about “moral issues” and keeping her own political views to herself — even on social media, where she is both minister and “friend.”

“The cream-cheese puri suhoor Ramadan” (with recipe)

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Amy Hossain's cream-cheese puri

Muslim parents have to get creative during Ramadan to nourish their kids for a long summer day of fasting. This year, Amy Hossain combined cultural and culinary traditions to create a calorie-rich dish that’s a hit with her young daughters.

Sikh leader adds context to Wisconsin shooting

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sikh temple of wisconsin sign

Kirtan Singh Khalsa discusses with Patt Morrison the shooting of Sikhs in a Wisconsin temple. Khalsa is a member of the board of directors for Sikh Dharma So Cal and Sikh Darma Worldwide, an international body of Sikhs; he is also a minister at the West Los Angeles Guru Ram Das Ashram. More at