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Taking brain injury from combat to campus

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Traumatic brain injury often causes trouble with concentration, reading comprehension and memory — the very things that would likely prevent academic success. For veterans attempting to navigate the rhythms of college life, they can spell disaster.

When the GI Bill isn’t enough

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Student veterans tell us how much they love the benefits offered to them in the Post-9/11 GI Bill. But those benefits still can’t guarantee success — especially on campuses unprepared to serve students returning from war.

Student veterans: What’s your story?

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U.S. military veterans wait to meet potential employers at a job and GI Bill fair on the campus of Rutgers University in March 2012. (Photo by John Moore | Getty Images)

We want your help telling the story of the student veteran experience. Tell us what it’s been like to transition from the military to the classroom. What’s been easy? What’s been difficult? How is the GI Bill working for you?