Making change:
Inspiration, advice and stories from people navigating change

(Photo by Brian Birdwell via Flickr)

Change happens. Uninvited, sometimes. Other times only through careful work and planning.

Change bring choices. Should we embrace it and move on or struggle to reverse it? When it happens, we call on the unchanged parts of ourselves to help us navigate – our values, our strengths, our families and neighbors.

These are the stories people’s shifting lives, altered habits, evolving attitudes and those inevitable transitions that move us along life’s road.




What are your hopes for the new pope?

After two days of conclave, Catholic cardinals chose a new pope Wednesday. Pope Francis I has a list of "firsts" attached to his election, and we want to know what people are hoping for with the new appointment.

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Advice for a healthy 2013

Everyone can do one thing, make one change, to be healthier. Sometimes you just need some inspiration. John Mulligan (pictured) decided to go vegan. He and other folks who made changes in 2012 share some advice.

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Life changes: Leaving the mountains for love

First in a series about how life changes impact our health: When Carolyn Waters left the Cascade Mountains for Kentucky, she replaced birdsong with traffic noise and pristine vistas with parking lots. But a continent no longer separates her from the people she loves.

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