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Thoughts on the state of homelessness in Miami-Dade?

As part of Community Conversations, we want to hear from locals about topics concerning them and sharing them with our readers.
asked on May 26, 2015

How Does The Missouri River Inspire You?

We're asking people to share their artwork inspired by the Missouri River.
asked on May 26, 2015

What are your concerns about bird flu?

Harvest Public Media is seeking your input on coverage of the avian influenza in the Midwest.
asked on May 22, 2015

Parents: Are your children being taught classroom lessons with toys?

Teacher lesson plans are increasingly including toys like Hot Wheels, Minecraft and Legos. KPCC education reporter Adolfo Guzman-Lopez wants to hear from parents: Are they effective in helping your child learn?
asked on May 21, 2015

Improving the VA Health Care System: What do these recommendations mean to you?

If you are, or recently have been, a patient or employee at the VA St. Louis Health Care System, please share your insight on the recommendations for improving patient care.
asked on May 20, 2015

Was it difficult or easy to find child care in your area?

New Hampshire Public Radio is reporting on child care across New Hampshire. Share your experience with finding child care in your area.
asked on May 7, 2015

PINfluence™ Stories informed by the Public Insight Network

Houston Bus Riders Say The New Light Rail Will Save Them A Lot Of Time May 21, 2015

As we wrap up our series "Houston's New Tracks," we talk to a couple of bus riders (PIN sources) who are excited to see the new lines open. They say the trains will help them avoid some long waits at the bus stop.

Drought shaming: How to get everyone else to stop wasting water May 20, 2015

About a month ago we asked listeners, "Is water use causing tension at home?" A lot of you said yes! Your spouses are nagging you, your neighbors are overwatering their lawns. I mean, some of the responses were so dramatic that you made it seem like no one cares that there's a huge water problem in California. Plenty of you want to convince people to change their habits, so we thought we'd help out. We talked to marriage and family therapist Talia Wagner, and we tested out some techniques that we learned on the world’s toughest audience — an apathetic teenager.

Seven years in the making, bill to cover eating disorders awaits signature May 20, 2015

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover treatment for eating disorders under a mental health parity law, but some patients report they were denied coverage because their Body Mass Index measurements were above a predetermined level. One PIN source shares how a new Missouri law will help.

Report: Miami one of least affordable housing markets for recent grads May 20, 2015

Raymond Pereira doesn’t want to live with his grandparents anymore. But he can’t afford to move into his own place — at least not at today’s prices, not if he wants a bedroom of his own. Recent college grads, beware: You’ll have a harder time finding an affordable apartment in Miami than in almost any other city in the country.

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  • PIN Bureau wins ASU innovation awardApril 20, 2015

    We are excited to be able to share today that the Public Insight Network Bureau, based at Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, has won the 2015 ASU President’s Award for Innovation.  This prestigious award is given annually by ASU in recognition of cutting edge projects and programs that significantly benefit... Read more »
  • is going away, but its legacy inspires new chapters of crowdfunding playbookFebruary 11, 2015 proved that crowdfunding can help support independent, local journalism, especially that of freelancers. It was an important early innovator in the field, and many of the platforms available in 2015 owe a lot to founder David Cohn and the community of users.
  • Newsrooms use PIN to drive award-winning contentSeptember 29, 2014

    A big congratulations to the ten PIN newsrooms that were finalists and winners of the Online News Association’s 2014 awards! They are: Oregon Public Broadcasting, KUT Austin, St. Louis Public Radio, NPR, MPR News, New Hampshire Public Radio, The Center for Public Integrity, News21, WLRN-Miami Herald News, and The Washington Post. Here’s how some of these newsrooms use... Read more »
  • Using PIN to track social impact – a Minnesota exampleSeptember 23, 2014

    There is no dearth of evidence that Minnesotans are civic-minded. The state’s volunteerism rates are second in the nation, more than 60 percent of Minnesotans donate money to charity, and we lead the country in voter turnout. While such statistics are great, they don’t capture what it’s like to live in a social-minded state full... Read more »