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Kansans: Share your perspective on the proposed concealed carry law

The state Legislature is considering a bill that would allow anyone to conceal and carry a gun without training, a background check or a permit. We want to hear your perspective on guns in Kansas.
asked on February 27, 2015

Did you or someone you know contract measles during this latest outbreak that started at the Disney theme parks?

What was your, or your loved one’s, experience with the disease itself?
asked on February 26, 2015

Confused about labels on your food?

Our food these days has a baffling array of labels and claims shouting at you from the supermarket. We want to continue to translate grocery store shelves, but we need your help. Which food labels should we look at? What food claims can we decode? Tell us your story!
asked on February 26, 2015

"Experts" say you can shop for healthcare. Are they right?

Costs for surgery vary widely and can patients really compare costs?
asked on February 26, 2015

Beyond "where did you go to high school?" Tell us about St. Louis "code" words

We're looking for St. Louis-specific examples of certain words or phrases that can quickly call up images or impressions — usually stereotypical.
asked on February 25, 2015

Where were you on April 19, 1995?

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years, but for many of us, it's a moment frozen in time. We're looking to tell the story of the Oklahoma experience as we all remember that day. Where were you on April 19, 1995?
asked on February 24, 2015

PINfluence™ Stories informed by the Public Insight Network

An Oregon Community Grapples With Short-Term Rentals February 27, 2015

Rental vacancies are near record lows in the central Oregon community of Bend, yet more and more properties are listed on websites that cater to vacationers. Homeowners, rental managers and residential renters shared how their lives have been affected by this shift for a radio story and online blog post.

How our parents' political behavior shapes our own February 24, 2015

We asked people whether their parents voted when they were growing up, wanting to see how, if at all, it impacted their voting habits. It did.

Ripping off your refunds: South Florida’s booming tax fraud racket February 22, 2015

The reality is that an array of everyday criminals — some in seemingly upstanding positions of cop, nurse, soldier and even college student — have transformed South Florida into the nation’s capital of tax fraud. We featured one member who was a victim.

AZ teachers caught in middle of standardized testing debate February 16, 2015

Cronkite News asked parents and teachers for their views on the use of the Common Core State Standards in Arizona schools. Steve Hughes, a local middle school math teacher, shares his perspective on assessments with reporter Mark Mingura.

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