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Are you trying to persuade an apathetic non-voter to care?

KPCC journalists want your help to make the case for civic engagement.
asked on April 29, 2016

How are you feeling about the presidential election? We want to hear from voters like you.

This presidential election has brought out new lows in rhetoric but has also seen record-breaking turnout in primaries across the nation. Much of our coverage has focused on the candidates, and now we're interested in hearing from voters like you.
asked on April 28, 2016

What's your experience with opioids? What impact have they had on your life?

If you have had experience with opioids — especially if you are a recovering addict, counselor, first responder or family member — please share and help us better understand what's going on in our region.
asked on April 22, 2016

Are you concerned about the Zika virus?

Cronkite News wants to hear your thoughts on the Zika virus.
asked on April 15, 2016

Why are you voting in this election season?

News 21 wants to hear why you're voting, or not.
asked on April 7, 2016

hepatitis C

The hefty price tag of newly developed wonder drugs that cure hepatitis C means that it's out of reach of many Utahns, whose insurance providers won't cover the drug. We want to hear from Utahns who've tried to access these medications.
asked on April 1, 2016

PINfluence™ Stories informed by the Public Insight Network

Home listings drop, as baby boomers stay in houses longer April 28, 2016

Realtors say baby boomers' decision to stay longer in their homes is having a major impact on the entire housing market. Home listings are down three percent from this time last year, according to the California Association of Realtors. Lower housing turnover means less supply, which is driving up sale prices. We did a PIN query, and more than 60 people responded, including Patricia Papanek.

CPR: California Counts Poll: What do you want to ask our US Senate candidates? April 27, 2016

"U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer is retiring, and KPBS, as part of the multi-station California Counts election collaborative, will host a live debate May 10 at KPBS in San Diego with the top five candidates running to succeed her. California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, Duf Sundheim, Tom Del Beccaro and Ron Unz will answer questions on the economy, immigration, health care, crime and policing. We'll also be incorporating one question from you, our listeners. We asked you to submit questions last week. And now, it's time to vote. We've tallied up the submissions. Here's your chance to vote on which question we should pose the night of the debate. All three questions came from the Public Insight Network. "

Heroin overdose deaths are up across the state – but especially in Pima County April 20, 2016

PIN source Terry Bernier contributed her story as a mother whose son struggles with heroin addiction.

Tribune readers promote stories that matter, one Pulitzer novel at a time April 15, 2016

We asked our readers to share with us their favorite Pulitzer Prize-winning novels, and what they predicted would be the 2016 winner.

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  • KPCC asks “Are you #LatinoEnough?”, sparks newsroom-spanning contentSeptember 22, 2015

    Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of posts about inclusive journalism — journalism that is done with communities not for communities.  |  Follow the conversation here. Ashley Alvarado, Southern California Public Radio‘s public engagement editor, has long been a champion of listening to individuals and communities often excluded from news coverage and broader... Read more »
  • Join us for a “listening post” workshop in PortlandAugust 19, 2015

    The Public Insight Network is thrilled to team up with GroundSource founder Andrew Haeg, Oregon Public Broadcasting and Camp Odyssey, an Oregon-based innovative youth leadership diversity program, to offer a workshop on community listening, Oct. 1 in Portland. The workshop is part of a three-day event called “Experience Engagement,” co-hosted by Journalism That Matters and the University of Oregon’s... Read more »