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What's your LA ghost story?

Take Two producers want to hear from you.
asked on October 17, 2017

Tell OPB about the role of your neighborhood ethnic grocery store

The grocery stores in your neighborhood (or not in your neighborhood) can give some insight into the community you live in. More specifically, ethnic grocery stores can give some insight into just who lives in your community.
asked on October 16, 2017

Is parking in Miami too expensive?

Parking in Miami-Dade County can be pricey, but is it too expensive or a product of high demand?
asked on October 9, 2017

Are you caught up in the "access gap" for early childhood education?

If you earn too much for your child to quality for Head Start, but not enough to pay for high quality early child car or pre-school, St. Louis Public Radio would like to hear from you.
asked on October 3, 2017

What are the best ways to reduce the costs of health care delivery?

The APM Research Lab is a new division of American Public Media that intends to strengthen the use of research and analysis in public media and beyond. The cost of delivering health care is among the first topics we will tackle. To help inform our work on this topic, we would like to hear from experts like you who have direct experience with health care delivery.
asked on September 19, 2017

Renting in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake County is seeing a surge of new apartment complexes and condominiums — many of them upscale or luxury developments. We want to hear from people who are renting about their experiences.
asked on September 13, 2017

PINfluence™ Stories informed by the Public Insight Network

No Place Like LA: Melissa, and the expensive $250 lesson October 10, 2017

No Place Like LA is our series that asks transplants and immigrants to LA, "When was the moment you felt that Los Angeles was truly home?"

For St. Louisans with ties to Puerto Rico, sending help to family is a logistical nightmare October 6, 2017

fter the storm hit on Sept. 20, a group of St. Louis-area residents with ties to the island made a plan to collect donations and send them to Puerto Rico. PIN source Angel Recci, president of the Puerto Rican Society of St. Louis, said his whole family lives outside of San Juan, the capital city.

Strange but true — there are fans who cheer for BYU and Utah September 8, 2017

PIN helped us successfully find and contact a surprising number of people who are fans of both teams in the state's vicious rivalry between BYU and Utah.

Harvey's wrath extends all the way to Minnesota August 31, 2017

We sent a query out to a wide Minnesota audience asking how Hurricane Harvey has affected them and their loved ones. In response we heard from a Minnesotan woman who was stuck there after traveling to Texas on vacation and a woman who was waiting for her son in Texas to come visit Minnesota for the State Fair - a family tradition. Reporter Mark Steil was able to get in contact with both of these families and included their stories in the feature.