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Thoughts on the latest plans for immigration reform?

President Obama's latest plans for immigration reform would at least affect millions of undocumented immigrants in danger of deportation. WLRN and Miami Herald reporters want to know what you think of the president's executive action.
asked on November 20, 2014

Action on immigration: What do President Obama's plans mean to you?

Now that the president has presented his plans for changes in the immigration system, share with St. Louis Public Radio what these changes might mean for you, your family, or people you know?
asked on November 20, 2014

What is your business doing to celebrate Small Business Saturday?

The Charlotte Observer wants to know what small businesses in the area are doing to mark Small Business Saturday on Nov. 29. Tell us what your business is planning.
asked on November 20, 2014

What do the new immigration policies mean to you?

President Obama announced on Nov. 20 new immigration policies that affect not just the 5 million immigrants who would receive protections from deportation, but millions of other people whose lives intersect with immigrants. Share your insights and help reporters understand how this affects you.
asked on November 20, 2014

Share your Thankgiving traditions with MPR News

Thanksgiving is an American holiday, which means the ways of celebrating it are as diverse as the people living in America. We want to hear about how you celebrate holiday. Share your insights here.
asked on November 20, 2014

Your Thanksgiving, in Six Words

Turkey day is upon us and we want to know what you're planning in just six words.
asked on November 18, 2014

PINfluence™ Stories informed by the Public Insight Network

Drivers: New highway fees on 836, 112 are taking a toll November 18, 2014

Commuters are grumbling about additional tolls that went into effect Saturday on state roads 836 and 112, the Dolphin and Airport expressways. We asked drivers how their commutes are affected by the change.

Denver mayor: Affordable housing shortage threatens city's identity November 17, 2014

Colorado Public Radio's morning talk program "Colorado Matters" produced a show on housing affordability in the city of Denver. CPR spoke with residents dealing with this issue. Reporter Rachel Estabrook spoke with PIN sources about housing affordability.

The impact of the ACA, one year later November 13, 2014

Stories flowed through PIN - some good, and some bad. We had more than 20 responses to this query, and of those, many offered details about their personal situation that really illustrated the effect of the massive Affordable Care Act. These were authentic voices that may not have been heard elsewhere, and were telling their story in a way that they only knew how.

Missouri Gets First Peek At 2015 Health Plans On Federal Exchange November 10, 2014

in a report about the upcoming open enrollment period for individual health insurance, a PIN source shares what it's like to make a difficult choice: to buy, or not to buy.

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  • Newsrooms use PIN to drive award-winning contentSeptember 29, 2014

    A big congratulations to the ten PIN newsrooms that were finalists and winners of the Online News Association’s 2014 awards! They are: Oregon Public Broadcasting, KUT Austin, St. Louis Public Radio, NPR, MPR News, New Hampshire Public Radio, The Center for Public Integrity, News21, WLRN-Miami Herald News, and The Washington Post. Here’s how some of these newsrooms use... Read more »
  • Using PIN to track social impact – a Minnesota exampleSeptember 23, 2014

    There is no dearth of evidence that Minnesotans are civic-minded. The state’s volunteerism rates are second in the nation, more than 60 percent of Minnesotans donate money to charity, and we lead the country in voter turnout. While such statistics are great, they don’t capture what it’s like to live in a social-minded state full... Read more »