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2 St. Louis schools closing in June; a third gets reprieve

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When two public schools in northwest St. Louis release their students for summer break in June, they’ll be closing their doors for good. A PIN source who is part of three generations who attended one of the schools shared what the closings mean to him, and to the neighborhoods they’ve served.

Across the Divide: Clinton and Trump supporters #AirTalkItOut after the election

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The 2016 election has exposed just how divided our country has become and how little communication there is between those who support Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

AirTalk brings together 8 people – 4 Trump supporters and 4 Clinton voters – for a town hall to talk about their differences, their hopes, their fears for the next 4 years.

They are all Southern Californians, from different walks of life and with different perspectives. Two come from the Public Insight Network and our extended group of PIN-identified sources.