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Why Doesn’t Florida, The Sunshine State, Use More Solar Energy?

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As far as solar energy goes, the Sunshine State is third in the country for potential — and 18th in actual installation. In Florida, there’s no financial assistance for installing solar panels on your roof. Solar energy users can only take a federal tax credit.

Free Rides In 95 Express Lanes Coming To An End For Hybrid Drivers

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I-95’s express lanes — where the price of admission ranges from 50 cents to $10.50 depending on traffic — are free to registered hybrids. But that’s not going to last forever. We featured Bobby, a reluctant Prius owner who got the car to ride the express lanes for free.

Some South Florida docs decline to accept Obamacare

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Nearly one million Floridians enrolled in a private health plan through the ACA exchange but some, like PIN memeber Miranda, are finding that some physicians refuse to honor their coverage — even when the doctors are included in the plan’s provider network.

LeBron’s Move In 9 Haikus

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In 2010, WLRN and the Miami Herald collected poems to welcome the arrival of LeBron James to the Miami Heat. It’s fitting to say goodbye to one of the Heat’s celebrated players in verse again. Here are 9 haikus from the 200 we received.

The LeBron James Story Has Always Been A Tale Of Two Cities

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It’s hard to find two major cities with less in common than Cleveland and Miami. The rust-belt versus an international playground for the rich and famous. The Atlantic Ocean versus Lake Erie. “Winter Is Coming” versus “what is winter?” We featured season ticket holder and PIN member Greg.

Retiring abroad is growing in popularity

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Recent retirees have discovered that the American dollar can buy more overseas. Lured by affordable housing, inexpensive healthcare and vibrant ex-pat communities, more Americans are heading south of the border to spend their golden years. Some are cal…

The Florida Roundup: The Problems In Prisons

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It has been two years since the death of a mentally ill prison inmate in a scalding-hot shower. No one has been charged in that death; the two officers who allegedly punished him with the shower are still working at the facility. The head of the correc…

Florida school grades: More A’s but also F’s

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The state as well as Miami-Dade County touted progress — but Common Core tests next year might bring big changes and challenges.The numbers of failing schools rose 68 percent to a record 178 schools statewide — in part because of the quirks of the state’s complicated grading formula.

PHOTOS: “What’s The Story?” Trivia At Gramps Bar

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As part of our project What’s the Story? — where we answer your questions about South Florida — WLRN-Miami Herald News hosted its third night of local trivia. More than 50 people played and submitted more questions for our PIN-heavy project