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How white parents talk with their black and biracial sons about race

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Discussing recent events and the topic of race is a daunting task for any parent but it may be especially tough for parents who are a different race than their children.

Three white parents—including one PIN source—who are raising black and biracial children talked with Take Two’s Alex Cohen about how their mixed race families are talking about current events and the role of race.

South Floridians Get Showered With Delta Aquarid Meteors

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The Delta Aquarid meteor shower will be visible in South Florida late July through early August. We asked our readers and listeners on social media and through the Public Insight Network to share their favorite places to watch meteor showers or go star…

Hack the vote: Making voting easier

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On June 7, California voters and poll workers faced a number of challenges ranging from confusion over voter registration and vote-by-mail ballots, understaffed polling places, and outdated machinery. Voters, activists, election officials and KPCC senior politics reporter Mary Plummer gathered in the Crawford Family Forum on July 13 to discuss the issues that complicated the primary election and solutions that might be implemented in time for November’s general election.

The secretary of state voter hotline received more than 500 complaints on Election Day, and panelists explored the logistical, historical and legal contexts of these problems, many of which intersected with the issue of poll worker training and retention. Audience members shared concerns, offered solutions, and posed questions that underscored the urgency – and difficulty – of improving the systems involved in casting and counting ballots.

What “My America” means to our listeners

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Several weeks ago, we started asking you to complete this sentence: “My America is …”Some responses were short and sweet, and some made us want to dig a little deeper. Several PIN sources joined the conversation for our We Live Here podcast.