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New paid sick leave law creates challenges for restaurants

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On Wednesday, California employers must begin providing all workers at least three days of paid sick leave per year and that’s got some small local businesses, like restaurants, grumbling.

“We’re going to have the cost of the person who’s out, plus pay the overtime of the person who’s covering for the person who’s out,” said Maribel Peebles, a Public Insight Network source who manages Tacos Don Chente in Bell Gardens. “It becomes expensive to have people out when they’re sick.”

Fighting Inequality with Entrepreneurship

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Over the course of the past two months, The Story Exchange had been engaged in candid, insightful conversations with individuals and organizational representatives who have observed — and lived — the challenges and joys of starting and growing businesses as women of color. They coordinated a query with PIN that solicited minority businesswomen’s input and undertook a significant amount of research.

#ISeeChange: Are there more sphinx moths in the high desert lately?

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A moth that Enrique Vergara saw in his mother’s Victorville back yard for the first time ever may not signal a shift in range for the creatures due to changing climate. As part of our ongoing I See Change project, we’ve been asking people to tell us whether they’ve been seeing changes in their environment. Enrique Vergara did, and this is his story.

Locals speak out on LeBron

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Local regular-season Heat ratings were in the top four in the country nationally this season, though understandably not remotely close to what these Finals games are generating, just as a local Super Bowl rating far exceeds local Dolphins ratings. So h…