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Falling Into The Gap: Life in Florida without Medicaid expansion

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For two years, Florida legislators have refused to expand Medicaid as envisioned under the Affordable Care Act. Their decision left an estimated 850,000 Floridians without healthcare insurance in the “coverage gap.” Those caught in the gap earn too muc…

Southland parents still scratching their heads on Common Core math

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California’s new Common Core learning standards have some public school parents pulling out their hair, and they’re having an especially hard time adapting to the way their children are now taught math.

“The first thing I’m thinking is, ‘These people have no idea what they’re doing,’” said Bonnie Wallace, whose fourth and sixth-grade kids are preparing to take the Common Core tests.

As teaching standards for math expand to include concepts like analyzing functions and understanding ratio relations, many parents are left in the dust.

Wallace was one of a dozen parents, also KPCC listeners, who recently shared their Common Core freakout moments with us. For her, the Common Core change was like a bucket of cold water — too much, too soon.