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How ‘Miami Vice’ changed TV

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Miami Vice was a game-changer when it debuted in 1984, a never-before-seen mash-up of pop music, rock stars and moviemaking techniques applied for the first time to the small screen. Members shared their work experience on the show.

Debit card delay miffs Miami-Dade teachers

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State lawmakers took action this year to ensure teachers would have money for classroom supplies before the school year started. In Miami-Dade County, however, teachers are still waiting for the funds more than a month into the semester. We featured te…

The Revolution And Evolution Of Miami Music Business

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Lots of hits were either all or partially recorded in South Florida. The Sunshine Economy dives into the local music industry and features its history. We asked members to share their favorite song about or mentioning Miami.

Power of Price: Health Care Transparency

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The health care industry is a maze of money; confusing, complex and costly. The tangle of employers, insurance companies and providers makes shopping for health care and health insurance difficult enough — but underneath that web is a layer of secrecy that prevents consumers from seeing what actually gets paid for care.

WLRN-Miami Herald News and the Miami Herald have been exploring the power of price in health care in South Florida. With this series, we’re examining what the complexity and opacity of health care pricing costs our region.

How Finance Keeps South Florida Industries Together

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Monday’s Sunshine Economy talks with hedge fund managers about the lure of low taxes and good weather, and why they think their few but high paying jobs are important diversifying the South Florida economy. We asked members if they trust their banks an…