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#ThisIsWhere: Poems about the Unobvious Thing

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Each week at #ThisIsWhere we try to avoid having a theme. But they just keep happening anyway. Last week it was Miami Traffic Poetry.This week it is the Unobvious Thing. Sometimes the Unobvious Thing makes itself clear midway through a poem.

Remembering FCAT, 1995-2014

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The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test is dying, say Florida education officials. By this time next year, the FCAT will be replaced with a new, Common Core-aligned assessment. This is its obituary.

The rise and fall of Fort Lauderdale’s superstar preacher

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From the pulpit of Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, pastor Bob Coy would sometimes recount stories from his un-pious past as a means of leading his legions of parishioners on the path to salvation. We asked members of the church to share their though…

#ThisIsWhere: The Week Of Traffic And Tattoos

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During our second week of the #ThisIsWhere project, we have poems about tattoos, Chinese restaurants, pelicans, learning Haitian Creole, and the refugee experience. But three of the best poems were about the joys and perils (mostly perils) of the multi…

‘Deep And Authentic’ Passion Fuels Cardinal Nation

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Baseball has returned to Busch Stadium, with the St. Louis Cardinals hosting the Cincinnati Reds. And that means across the city, thousands of bosses have approved vacation days with a knowing smile. PIN sources who also “live and breathe baseball” sha…