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Heroin antidote saves lives, but doesn’t treat addiction

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Stacy Emminger stepped forward through PIN to tell the story of her son, who overdosed on heroin in March. She provided much-needed perspective, and her son’s story will be a part of a two-part series on WITF in the coming months.

As gas prices continue to drop, drivers more likely to take a trip

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And while gas prices may seem like they are at an all-time low — Florida is averaging $2.70 a gallon, seven cents cheaper than last week — the prices are expected to drop another 15 to 20 cents by the end of the year, said AAA — The Auto Club Group. Leading more drivers to take road trips

What have you sacrificed to pay rent? Angelenos tell us

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Affordable rent is hard to find. And many of us are making sacrifices to offset those high costs. For years, financial planners’ used the 30 percent threshold as a rule of thumb for renters: No more than 30 percent of your gross income should go to ren…

Art And The Sunshine Economy

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There are plenty of ways to measure the meaning of art: aesthetic value, emotion resonance, ticket sales, auction price, jobs. South Florida’s art economy is young but growing.

Tolls on 836, 112 have driver tempers flaring

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It may take a full year to evaluate how a new toll system on State Roads 836 and 112 has affected traffic, expressway authorities say, but the effect on motorists’ tempers is pretty clear: They’re flaring.
We spoke with drivers affected by the changes.