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Thanksgiving in SoCal: What are your Thanksgiving food traditions?

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Thanksgiving week means recipes and last-minute cooking tips for a traditional Turkey Day meal are in abundant supply: How to roast a turkey without burning your house down. How to make the creamiest mashed potatoes, the most savory stuffing, the most mouth-watering pumpkin pie.

But lest we forget: We’re in Southern California, land of mashed-up cultures! And that means mashing those cultures into our Thanksgiving dinner recipes, too.

Why opt for gravy when you can drizzle on some mole? Why have cornbread stuffing when you can have sticky rice? In fact, do we even need a turkey at all? (One KPCC staffer’s Chinese-American household’s annual meal: takeout Peking duck, complete with a hot pot smorgasbord. No turkeys to be found here.)

In that spirit, here are few food traditions some listeners have shared with us

Where can I buy weed and where can I smoke it in California?

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Since Proposition 64 passed, we’ve been inundated with questions about marijuana in California. So, we decided that every week we’re going to take a crack at answering some of them. One way we collected questions and concerns was via our Public Insight…

Awkward no more: Election-fueled rifts could soon cease

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Election Day is just hours away. For people across the country and even here in Southern California, Tuesday can’t come soon enough. No, not because they’re hopping up and down to take part in the democratic process (though that might be a part). For m…