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‘Choice schools’ become the norm in Miami-Dade

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With parents and students no longer tied to neighborhood schools, the Miami-Dade County public school district offers more options to keep kids in the public system. Members said they were looking for academic rigor, smaller classes or programs tailored to their children’s interests. We featured Luisa.

Cruise lines catering to younger crowds

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With shuffleboard games and midnight buffets in the past, cruise lines are updating their offerings for the millennial generation. We featured Jessica and Danny, one who goes on cruises and another who decides not to take a cruise.

Not on the SAT but just as important: financial literacy

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Miami-Dade leads the way in adding a vital but overlooked subject — personal finance — to the high school curriculum. We featured Petra, a parent who gave her daughter a bank account that she spent quickly. The experience taught her daughter about managing her money better.

Schools slowly waking up to teens’ sleep needs

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Miami-Dade high schools are studying whether to join others across the country in pushing back high school hours to address teen sleep deprivation. We featured Tom’s son, Stephan, about his sleep schedule and the early start in school time.