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#TellMPRnews: What's your voting story?

Were you one of the Minnesotans who placed their votes early? Did you wait for Election Day? Either way we want to know what your experience was like and what it means to you to cast a ballot.
asked on August 13, 2018

Help us with a Mississippi River show

We're putting together a series of radio shows about the Mississippi River and want your insights and questions to help shape the program.
asked on June 25, 2018

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Shut Up And Go Away: Your Stories About Fighting The Pressure To Have Babies December 10, 2018

The unrelenting, inescapable pressure on women to have children comes from family, friends, strangers, culture and, for some, from within. Here at LADYist, we've fielded more than few letters about this from readers across Southern California (and stomached these pointed pressures ourselves).


You were engaged and passionate about the midterm election. But now that the results are in, how do you keep that energy going? We talk to KPCC listeners about how they are transforming their election enthusiasm into local activism.