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Prosecuted: Have you had an experience that changed your opinion of the justice system? Tell us.

Whether you’ve faced charges, you have a relative or friend who’s been incarcerated, or you’re a prosecutor, public defender or someone else who works within the criminal justice system, we want to hear from you.
asked on June 12, 2018

How did the Great Flood of 1993 affect you?

St. Louis Public Radio wants to hear from people who experienced the flood. What do you remember most? What changes have you seen? What changes do you want?
asked on June 5, 2018

Have you ever purchased or considered buying land in California City?

Please take a few moments to answer these short questions. We'll read every response; nothing is published without your permission
asked on May 24, 2018

What will MetroBus changes mean to you?

If you live on a route that's changing, you might have to walk farther to get to a bus. Will the planned changes make your commute better, or would they make it harder for you to get to a bus?
asked on May 15, 2018

Tell us the best piece of advice you ever got from your mother

Moms know everything. That's why even as adults, we go to our mothers for advice. From "there's a lid for every pot" to "never change who you are for someone else," what's the best piece of advice or life lesson from your mother?
asked on April 30, 2018

Tell The Tribune: Are your kids’ supplies and classrooms in good condition?

The Salt Lake Tribune wants to hear from Utah educators about the condition of their classrooms and supplies, and we want to know if you believe you’re being paid a fair wage.
asked on April 18, 2018

PINfluence™ Stories informed by the Public Insight Network

Remaking dad – a conversation on fatherhood June 7, 2018

Nothing has the power to change your opinions on parenting quite like the act of actually becoming a parent. Ahead of her event, Priska Neely invited fathers to share their experiences and to help shape the conversation. (Fun stat: 80 percent of the audience was made up of dads.)


Take Two kicks off a new series today called 88 Cities, where we explore the many cities that make up L.A. County one by one. Our first stop is Agoura Hills. We also continue our interviews with California's candidates for State Superintendent. And we find out what new rides are rolling out at SoCal's many theme parks.

How St. Louisans are reacting to Greitens’ resignation May 30, 2018

PIN sources joined other Missourians in expressing their array of reactions to Gov. Eric Grietens' surprising resignation after nearly five months of political and legal scandal.

The Great Recession wrought life-altering changes for St. Louis area autoworkers May 23, 2018

PIN source Chris Paplanus shares how he and his family have adapted in the 10 years since the Great Recession.