How PIN sources helped us cover the State of the Union address

Lee Hill
Colorado Public Radio

PIN took a lead role in CPR’s coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union address. About 24 hours ahead of the speech, we reached out to PIN sources asking them 1) if they’d be watching and 2) whether they “connected” with the president’s outlined priorities (released by the White House in advance of the speech). Just overnight, we heard from well over 50 people. (And even more after the speech aired.)

In both morning and evening newscasts on the day following the big address, I recorded two groups of PIN sources who had responded (representing GOP, Democrat and Independent political affiliations). We aired their reaction to the speech and their views related to job creation, entitlement programs, and the political climate in Washington.

Here’s an example of a comment from a Republican PIN respondent (who, no doubt, prompted listener mail): “I only watched 10-15 minutes of it. I thought that [President Obama] was taking credit for things he doesn’t deserve credit for. The Democrats to me weaken Ameritocracy. And I believe Ameritocracy is: if you’re disadvantaged, you work harder. If I’m on a losing team at the tour de France, I need to pedal harder.”

Lee Hill Analyst/Reporter
Colorado Public Radio
Lee Hill joined Colorado Public Radio in May 2011 as a PIN analyst and reporter. He is responsible for managing CPR's PIN, reporting on public experiences and perspectives, and introducing listeners to Coloradans who want to share their stories.