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New guide- Getting Covered: The Affordable Care Act in PA

The Affordable Care Act is confusing. And, choosing the right health insurance plan can be a daunting task. That’s why Transforming Health, together with lead partner WellSpan Health, created a new online tool…Getting Covered: The Affordable Care Act in PA.

Many questions and personal stories submitted via PIN are used throughout the guide.

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Small businesses and the ACA

PIN responders asked us how the ACA would affect small businesses. We created this story in response.At Hively Landscapes in York County, late November is typically a time for planting and hardscaping jobs. But this year, its 27 employees are also maki...

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Shopping on the exchange

Nearly a month into its rollout, the woes continue for the website. Many Pennsylvanians are experiencing long delays, broken loops and error messages as they try to navigate the state's federally-administered exchange. Several people tol...